Alabama Crimson Tide Sandals

Alabama Crimson Tide Youth Quilted Flip Flops – Brown/Black

Help your young guy step in the right direction towards Alabama fanaticism with these Quilted flip flops! Not only will they boost his growing team pride with a metal wordmark emblem on the outside straps they are also super comfortable. The padded quilted footbed will keep your youngster?€™s feet happy! With a classic casual look and tons of Crimson Tide spirit these flip flops will definitely keep your young fan smiling at the next Alabama game!




$ 24.95 

Alabama Crimson Tide Youth Crocs Classic – Black

It?€™s hard to keep up with your young Crimson Tide fan sometimes ?€” you forget how energetic kids can be! All that running around can really put a hurting on an average pair of shoes. Now you can equip your kiddo?€™s feet with the utmost in comfort and ?€˜Bama pride with this pair of Crocs! These lightweight durable shoes are made from the custom Croslite material making them tough easy to clean and odor-resistant. The fronts and heels of these shoes are decorated with UA-themed embellishments as well so any outfit can have an additional level of team pride. They?€™re also equipped with orthopedic contoured footbeds. Your youngin?€™ can play all day in comfort while you don?€™t have to worry about any shoes falling apart during all the fun!




$ 34.95 

Alabama Crimson Tide Youth Crocband Crocs – Black

Every week you and your family morph into a bona fide rock band. You set up in the living room with your musical instrument controllers and play along with the video game ?€” your hubby on drums your kids on the guitar and bass and you wailing on the microphone. There’s only one thing that can top your weekly in-house concerts and that’s watching the Tide. Someday your young star might have fans as dedicated to the band as your family is to the Tide but in the meantime your future rocker can focus on being a proud Alabama groupie with the Crocband Crocs. These lightweight durable shoes are made from the custom Croslite material that makes them tough easy to clean and odor-resistant. They?€™re also equipped with ergonomic contoured footbeds and feature a UA logo on the top of the shoe. So whether your young one is running around at school jumping up and down at the Tide game or having a jam session in the living room these Crocs will act as top-notch back-up. After all being a rockstar allows you to make certain demands ?€” and comfort is at the top of your young one’s list!




$ 34.95