Alabama Crimson Tide Misc

Alabama Crimson Tide Embroidered Luggage Tag

You love to travel far and wide to see your Crimson Tide in action but layovers can really be a drag ?€” especially when you have 30 minutes to get from Terminal A to Terminal B and you have to channel the physical prowess of the Alabama Crimson Tide to sprint through the airport. Easily keep track of your luggage as you travel from the terminal to baggage claim with this embroidered luggage tag. It features an embroidered school wordmark and a contrast border and has a clear slot on the back where you can slip a personal information card. Traveling is always an adventure but when you bring along your Alabama pride it becomes a cinch to conquer any problem that crosses your path.




$ 5.95 

Alabama Crimson Tide Soft Bag Tag

Stop wasting your time in the baggage claim trying to describe your ?€œblack?€ bag to the attendants ?€“ face the fact ?€“ they don?€™t care. Become a clever traveler by distinguishing your bag from all the others while boasting your Crimson Tide pride by attaching this soft bag tag before your next trip. This team-spirited luggage-saving tag comes with a heavy-duty attachable buckle embossed vibrant team graphics and an identifier card for you to write your name and address. Next time your bags come whipping out of the baggage carousel let this tag warn everyone to keep their hands off ?€“ this bag belongs to a smart Alabama fanatic!




$ 5.95 

Alabama Crimson Tide U Can Zip It Zipper Pull

Things look a lot better with a little dab of your Crimson Tide spirit don?€™t they? In an ideal world everyone would be walking around in rad Alabama gear. Unfortunately in the real world you often have to wear some bland gear to appear ?€œformal.?€ However there is a way for you to sneak some team pride in your everyday life: the U Can Zip It zipper pull! This enameled zipper features a vibrant school wordmark so people can see who you?€™re representing. Whether you want to decorate your jacket gym bag purse pants or shirt this little thingamajig is a subtle way of declaring your Alabama spirit!




$ 4.95 

Alabama Crimson Tide Crimson 2-Pack Luggage ID Tags

Take your Tide along for the ride by clipping these Luggage ID tags to your bags! Each team-colored tag offers vibrant team-spirited graphics along the surface and an easy-to-use loop that attaches quickly to your luggage. They even have ID windows on the interior that display all your information so your bags will be instantly recognizable and everyone will know the owner is a die-hard Bama fan!




$ 9.95 

Alabama Crimson Tide Black Leatherette Printed Logo Bag Tag

Let everyone know that your Crimson Tide pride has come to town when you arrive at your destination bags decked out in team spirit with this Logo luggage tag! It features a full-color team logo printed over the front of the leatherette exterior with a buckled attachment loop and a flap on the back hiding your information card which allows you to fill in your name address and phone number.




$ 8.95 

Alabama Crimson Tide 2-Pack Zipper Pulls

Whether you?€™re traveling going to the gym or carrying your backpack you can clip these pulls onto your zippers to spruce up your bag with a touch of Tide team spirit. These rubberized tabs feature an embossed team logo and a team-colored cord that easily attaches to your zippers making them easy to slide open while adding some Bama flavor to your gear. You can also attach these to your clothes to show off some team spirit on the go!




$ 5.95 

Alabama Crimson Tide 3D Luggage Tag

Tote around your Crimson Tide team spirit by clipping this 3D luggage tag to your bag the next time you?€™re traveling playing golf or hitting the gym! This hologram masterpiece includes a lifelike team mascot ready to pop out and the team logo that changes every time you shift the tag both layered over a deep team-colored background. The back of the tag contains a window where you can insert the ID card that?€™s included with the purchase so you can never lose your luggage as you boast your Alabama pride.




$ 5.95